Your Hometown Winery

Johnstown, PA 2013-2019

Upcoming Events

Note: Fridays at Bon Air, and Sundays at our Broad St. location are always Live Music and free wine tastings. Thursdays we have Happy Hour from 5pm - 9pm (dollar off all wine by the glass)

Studio P.M. with Natalie Painting Parties bookings (

Dec 21st - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - The Wednesdays

Dec 23rd - Live Music Sundays (Cambria City) - George Byich

Dec 24th - CLOSED

Dec 25th - CLOSED Merry Christmas!

Dec 30th - Live Music Sundays (Cambria City) - Brian Harshberger

Jan 1st - Closed New Years

Jan 2nd - Studio PM with Natalie

Jan 6th - Live music Sundays (Cambria City) - Tim Frick

Jan 12th - Open Mic Night - Hosted by: Jake Lamm & Chad Hutzell

Jan 13th - Live music Sundays (Cambria City) - Jack Martin

Jan 15th - Chalk Couture

Jan 18th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Dany Vavrek

Jan 20th - Live Music Sundays (Cambria City) - Dean Rumsey

Jan 25th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Raining Blue

Jan 27th - Live music Sundays (Cambria City) - Jake Lamm + Chad Hutzel

Jan 29th - Closed for Private Event

Feb 3rd - Live Music Sundays (Cambria City) - Roy Milstead

Feb 6th - Studio Pm with Natalie

Feb 10th - Live music Sundays (Cambria City) - Apache Moon

Feb 15th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Walt+Jackie

Feb 17th - Live Music Sundays (Cambria City) - Midnight Acoustic

Feb 22nd - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - JD & Cindy

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