B & L Wine Cellars

Johnstown, PA

Upcoming Events

Note: All Ladies Nights consist of free wine tasting and free appetizers. Also Fridays at Bon Air, and Sundays at our Broad St. location are always Live Music and free wine tastings. Thursdays we have Happy Hour from 5pm - 9pm (dollar off all glasses, Does not include Ladies Nights) Studio PM bookings (facebook.com/StudioPmwithNatalie)

Sept 3rd Live Music Sunday (Broad Street) - Roy Milstead

Sept 1st - 3rd ETHNIC FEST in Cambria City

Sept 6th - Studio PM with Natalie Painting

Sept 8th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Fake News

Sept 10th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Ron Balestino

Sept 15th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Mike & Clete

Sept 17th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Mike & Nudy

Sept 21st - LADIES NIGHT

Sept 22nd - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Jake Lamm ft. The Wednesdays

Sept 24th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Steer) - Justin Guifree & The Pilgrimage

Sept 29th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Averyin

Oct 1st - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Ray Flores

Oct 4th - Studio PM with Natalie Painting

Oct 6th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Borrowed Time

Oct 8th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Tim Frick

Oct 13th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Midnight Acoustic

Oct 15th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Jeff Rusin

Oct 20th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Mike & Nudy

Oct 21st - LHHV Dinner @ Anthony's

Oct 22nd - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) -Brian Harshberger

Oct 27th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Raining Blue HALLOWEEN PARTY

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