Your Hometown Winery

Johnstown, PA

Upcoming Events

Note: All Ladies Nights consist of free wine tasting and free appetizers. Also Fridays at Bon Air, and Sundays at our Broad St. location are always Live Music and free wine tastings. Thursdays we have Happy Hour from 5pm - 9pm (dollar off all glasses, Does not include Ladies Nights) Studio PM bookings (

Nov 1st - Studio PM with Natalie Painting

Nov 3rd - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Fake News

Nov 5th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Charles McClanahan

Nov 10th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Jake Lamm ft. The Wednesdays

Nov 12th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Averyin

Nov 17th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Ray Flores

Nov 19th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Dean Rumsey

Nov 24th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Pappy D's Tunes

Nov 25th - SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (we will a variety of local vendors)

Nov 26th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Mr. Jones & Diva

Dec 1st - Live Music Friday (Bon Air) Nashville, TN FORT DEFIANCE

Dec 3rd - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Will Gomez

Dec 6th - Studio PM with Natalie Painting

Dec 10th - Live Music Sundays (Broad Street) - Randy Penrod

Dec 15th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - George Byich & Zack Bodalosky JAZZY CHRISTMAS

Dec 17th - Live Music Sunday (Broad Street) - Midnight Acoustic

Dec 22nd - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Adam Ernst

December 24th - Closed

December 25th - Closed for Christmas

Dec 29th - Live Music Fridays (Bon Air) - Crawdad Joe

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